Board Of Directors

Money Maker Management MMM Board of Directors serves as the governing authority for Money Maker Management, comprising of members who are appointed by the President. Each member fulfilled specific criteria with expertise in the Banking Industry, Funding Procedures, Equity Risk Management, and Finance.


The BOD is formed by the following highly experienced members:

Georges K. Ghorayeb

CEO & Chairman

 Head of the Board of Directors in the Company in 1988 and serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Holds a substantial experience in money markets, capital markets, funding and lending programs, as well as international financial operations with international platforms.

Assad S. Samaha

Executive Vice President & Program Manager

Dealing in our Investment platform, specialized in trading structure that result in financial consolidation, cooperate and governmental funds raising techniques on the centralized markets.

Dr. Adnan El Aridi

Vice President for International Affairs

Over 30 Banking years, with extensive knowledge in the finance industry; tackles all the international protocols and Organizational Behavior and governmental status.

Prakash Sharma

Global Advisor to CEO/Chairman & Vice President

Multilingual seasoned specialist in corporate, government and project financing. Expertise in wealth, assets and portfolio management. Manages investments in stocks, infrastructure, trading and global film industry.

Victor Ohayon

International Finance Director

A Long career in the Marco & Micro industry where he prepared budgets and analyses , managed revenue recognition, expense tracking ,financial reports and analysis, and contributes to the maintenance of an accurate, up-to-date general ledger.

David Davis

Head of International Department Division

A former Certified Treasury Professional and an active member of the NCACPA. Supports the company’s financial performance, accounting operations, Funding procedures and clearances.

Chief S.T. Sareiddin

Executive Vice President (EVP) of Africa

Well known mogul entrepreneur in Nigeria, specialized in real-estate development, governments tendering and contracting in Nigeria & West Coast Africa.

Pierre Solomon

General Manager

Served as Head of Engineering and contracting division and is a member of the Audit, Compliance, Governance and Executive Compensation Committees of the Board.

Jackson Hallal

Vice President

A long experience in the banking sector accross MENA region.

Handled large corporate accounts during his career.