Diversified Services Across Multiple Sectors

Money Maker Management is a project funder and financial lender with the capability of financing the term from min $100M to max $50 Billion per project. The fund is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios based on our direct own jurisdiction. Our group capital fund assures an increase in the client business plan upon financing his signatory projects. Funds are good, clean, clear, of non-criminal origin, and unencumbered.

Our financial services include:


Our project funding is set to start from USD 100m up to USD 50b per project, focusing on the medium to long-term (5 to 10-year horizon). It supports a wide range, including government-intensive projects, humanitarian projects, development, banking, private, and public sector projects.


Funding is issued clean and clear from prime banks of the United States of America against Financial Instrument be it BG/SBLC, MTN, CD’s, Bonds, SKR, and/or several others of such.


We are consistent to focus on innovation; best-in-class experience and breadth of the offering are the key elements of increasing activity of active customers on our trading platform.


Our activities are engaged in investment projects and trader, portraying broadly the “reality” to our prospects regarding the risk management and development until success is achieved at the maturity date, allowing flexibility under the term of the grace period.


We provide a strong, reliable, and guaranteed return on investment for your investments scheme.


Our investment programs cover all clientele investment pool and timeline. Our global programs combine the benefits of a safe haven, high periodic return, and profitable investment all in one.


We use innovative project financing techniques to help developers finance large-scale infrastructure, industrial, public-use, and energy projects.


We emphasize the important role of managing in many portfolios, offering the potential for income, capital preservation, and less volatile returns than riskier investments. Providing our clientele with fixed income strategies draw on the experience and resources of a global leader in financial management.


We mapped a specialized funding vehicle for the oil and gas industry. It helps aid the financial operational facilities, import/exports, concessional financial facilities, down/upstreaming, and oil rig projects finance through governmental facilitated funding protocols.


We are declared to arrange transactions regarding raw material metal products such as gold and related components.


Throughout diversified affiliated international companies, we carry out construction, engineering, procurement, development, and investment activities internationally. We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional services to our valuable clients.


Ground-up development at the core of our business is filled with our most diverse and skilled companies set to ensure that every aspect of your project is completed in the quickest, safest, and most efficient manner.


Our Project Management services are designed around three main principles: we monitor, we manage, and we provide expertise.


The key is to support partners in achieving the main outcomes of each project by understanding grant compliance, what is required when, and more importantly, understanding the risks associated with delayed work and miscommunication.


We map relevant aspects related to the development of your firm. This can elaborate on the business strategy, foreseen market, competition, potential obstacles (technical and/or commercial), risks, and the investments needed to bring your innovation to the market.


Our Consultancy services tackles all financial aspects of your firm , From simple to complex, we hit the ground planning with the right team, methodology, and resources for your project. Our process allows us to objectively look at the total organization, and the impact every initiative will have on the enterprise, allowing to navigate through change in an intelligent, cohesive, and fluid manner.

Note : All payments should be made to Money Maker Management Bank Account Only, please contact us for further details.